Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Dirty South

Happy holidays, all!

Since Tuesday (or Wednesday, actually, because the drive down took two days), I have been in Savannah, Georgia at my grands' house. Might I add, the neighborhood they live in is not fun. Let me explain it to you. It's the kind of neighborhood that used to be "the place to live" about 30 years ago or so. Now, it is not all that hot. The grass is dead and brown, the people are old, and there are congregations of homeless people seemingly every two blocks. However, about 5 minutes from here, which doesn't seem like much but is enough for a huge scene change, is the downtown city area of Savannah. It is quite pretty there. The Spanish moss covers almost every street and the parks all have fountains and benches. All of the buildings have this old style to them that I cannot put my finger on. Victorian? Possibly. There are many little shops and stores there that you really wouldn't find anywhere else. For example, today I went to a honey bar complete with little white spoons for honey tasting, a European knock-off perfume shop, and a handmade fudge store. I really wish I had bought that chocolate-almond fudge I saw, I don't know why I did not get any. Maybe I will get some tomorrow. Oh gosh, and the food here is terrific. Nothing beats a gut-filling meal served by a waitress with a strong southern accent. Anyways, it has been a steady 70 degrees here, which is so much better than the 15 degrees back home. But it was a little strange to me when my family and I were complaining about how hot it was and fanning ourselves on Christmas Day.

Well, I must go now. But before I go, I should tell you that I have been taking a lot of pictures with my new camera and will post some pictures when I get back home on Tuesday. Adieu.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Black Leather Jacket: Urban Outfitters Gray Shirt: Loehmann's Denim Cut-offs: Hollister jeans that I cut/ bleached/altered Tights: Loehmann's Black Boots: Famous Footwear Necklace: FIT Style Shop Ring: Flea market

As you can see, I got that leather jacket I wanted! Thanks Mommy. I also have more exciting news-- I am on Lookbook now! I only have the two outfit posts I posted on here, but more are soon to come.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Give me some rock-and-roll

I have been totally obsessed with everything black and leather lately. I mean an item of leather in an outfit just adds some needed edge.

I especially love pairing leather with something really feminine like a floral print or light airy colors. I know everyone in the blogosphere has a pair of leather leggings right now, and now I need some.

I need these shoes so badly. I feel like if I wore them, I would the epitome of an effortlessly- fashionable girl.

All: Urban Outftters

This bag is amazing. I love how it is woven. It reminds me of some type of Native American bag, just made of leather.

If only I had my job back working at the dog kennel, then could I have the money to buy all of these things. Too bad it was only during the summer. Thankfully, Christmas is soon; I'm sure I'll get a good sum of money then.

Happy blogging all.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have very been busy lately with all the clubs I am in, traveling, and such. Since, it's nearly holiday time, everything is just so hectic for me. No need to fret, I'll be back in no time.
By the way, the picture above is my favorite by Salvador Dali, so you most likely will be seeing it again.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just one of those moments

I have been sitting in the same spot here on this love seat listening to lame Cartoon Network shows for about... 4 hours now? No, probably 5. I don't even know why. I went to a little "get together" thing with my friends and family earlier today and told myself that later in the day I would do something cool. So much for that grand plan. Typing this is also making my hangnail hurt. I should probably clip it off now. Speaking of pains, I have some hunger ones. Knowing me, I will just soothe them with butter pecan ice cream instead of a healthy snack like I have been taught by health teachers for 4 years now. Why am I still typing this? It is 12:21 pm and I have more productive things to be doing- right? I don't know. I should go.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beanie: Style Shop @ FIT

I know everyone has been doing these lately, now so am I. I was tagged by the ever-so-fashionable Chessie from L'Idealista, Il Protettore. Here goes nothing...or everything.

Four Things I Did Today:
1. Went to a debate tournament (and won 2-1!)
2. Shared/heard some gooey-gooey gossip
3. Watched finale of America's Next Top Model
4. Ate some Coco Puffs

Four Things On My To-do List:
1. Start working on graduation project to get it over with
2. Sew with the fabric from Mood
3. Eat a churro
4. Eat another churro

Four Guilty Pleasures:
1. Eating a mini-carton of Haagen-Dazs ice cream in one night
2. Zoning out while playing Guitar Hero
3. Playing with that sticky stuff that comes on the back of letters in the mail
4. Eating chicken stir-fry, aka the best cafeteria food. Ever.

Random Facts About Me:
1. My pinky nails are always longer than the other nails
2. I chew my pen caps
3. I never leave on the tab on a soda can
4. I have been told I wear too much gray.
I know I am supposed to tag someone now, but I can't choose anyone who hasn't already done it. Therefore, anyone who wants to do this can!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today marks a historic day. My first official outfit post! From now on I will post my outfits as often as I can. Enjoy.

Pea Coat: delia's Dress: heritage 1981 Shoes: famous footwear Earrings: flea market Tights: ?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is the start of a new. The FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT is finally here-- Barack Obama. I don't think I have been this proud to be an American ever. It makes my eyes well up just thinking of the fact that there are so many old African-Americans who are seeing what they have waited for since their days picking cotton under the hot sun. We have finally gotten over the sin that has haunted us Americans since the beginning of our country's history. Racism shall be forgotten. What might be even better is that foreigners will have such a better image of us. Now instead of them thinking of fat, bald, greedy, white men when they hear the word "America," they will think of us as the country that finally saw the light and wants to change.

We, the younger generation, run this world now. As the older generations tried to hang on to their conservative morals, we said "NO" and elected someone who knows what we want. We are bringing people of all ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations together to sing in peaceful harmony. Now we can really be the UNITED states of America.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Luckily, my weeks have gotten better and I appreciate the support I received from you guys. Here are some pieces I have bought recently. This is my first step to eventually posting my outfits on here. I will get to those eventually...

All: NYC Flea Market Bracelet: Afghanistan Two Rings on the right: China

Shoes: Famous Footwear

Burgundy: Vintage Coach Green: Puro Cuero, Puerto Rico

Monday, October 27, 2008

After devouring a deliciously fattening breakfast at Cracker Barrel, I headed on over to Barnes & Noble. Although I honestly wasn't planning on doing anything more than sitting to read Vogue, I spotted this book. I picked it up and began looking at the numerous colorful pictures and was quite happy, considering that I had been to many of the wonders that were shown. I cannot begin to explain how much the world never fails to fascinate me and how looking at pictures can cause a volcano of wanderlust in me. Before I knew it, I was practically in a hypnotic state.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where Do I Start?

I sort of wish I was a bear right now. All they ever have to do is eat and hibernate. They never worry about the minute troubles that us humans do (Well, I don't think so at least. I'm afraid I have never been a bear. Yet.). Let me explain to you how this hell-hole of a week has been for me so far. On Monday, I had to wear a splint on my hand because it has been discovered that I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand. Stupid laptop that causes repetitive motion. You have no idea how hard it is to take notes from a teacher to speaks 3424 words per second whilst your palm and wrist are throbbing. Tuesday, I got my benchmark exam back-- C. The sad thing is that I was so confident that I had gotten an A. Wishful thinking, I guess. Wednesday, I walked into school before the bell rang to sit with my friends. We talked about how we all had a gut-feeling that the day was going to be horrible. It was, considering I came across three people who said they found money in their pockets that morning, I had missed my bus, and I had made myself tea that morning for the bus stop, but couldn't even bring it because my hands were full of textbooks. A perfectly delicious berry tea to waste. When I got home that day, my parents had a surprise for my brother and not me. He gets travel to Georgia with my dad. Had they ever thought that maybe I want to miss school and see my grandparents?! I guess not. Today was not as bad as the other days actually, but I guess that's just to give me a break because tomorrow will be a whole new series of unfortunate events (pun intended).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Models

I have to decided to celebrate the success of ethnic models. They (we) have proven to be the look designers/people would die to have: mysterious, sensual, exotic.

Green eyes, black eyes, fair skin, ebony skin, numerous hues of hair. Beauty diversified.

Carmen Solomons. South African.

Charo Ronquillo. Philippines.

Chanel Iman. African-American.

Kang Seung-Hyun. Korea.

Jaslene Gonzalez. Puerto Rico.

Liya Kebede. Ethiopia.

Carolina Ribeiro. Brazil.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Little Substance is All I'm Asking

I am sure you have heard of this new tv show, Paris Hilton's My New Bff. Yes, people have really stooped this low. If you need a television show to find a friend, you, my friend, have a problem. This is disgusting. I refuse to watch it. I heard from a somewhat hip substitute the other day, that on the first episode, the contestants were given make-overs. How grossly shallow. I did a little research and of course most of them were given platinum blonde Pamela Anderson hair. They even have competitions like "How Long and Hard Can You Party?" and play polo while using bare-chested, herpes-ridden-looking men as horses.

The Apprentice used to be my show... until the Trump man decided to move it to Los Angeles. WAY TO KILL EVERYTHING. "How about the losing team has to sleep outside in tents!?" is what I am guessing Donald Trump said to his posse because this is what happens now instead of them just staying in the apartment like they did during the other seasons. How lame. I thought Donald was supposed to be the epitomy of a buisness man? Obviously not.

I can't even begin to explain how much this disgusts me-- I Love Money. Just shoot me already.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Sitting, eating dinner, my mom asked, "Do you have any cozy memories from when you were little?" to my brother and I. My 13-year-old brother of course spoke about some random memory of waking up to a rainy morning and walking down stairs to find that the rest of us were already up and about with smiles on our faces. Not so random actually, I guess. When it was deemed my turn to share, I spoke about my memories of being 10-years-old on winter Saturday mornings. The smell of cinnamon baking apples, biscuits, bacon, and my mothers coffee would literally wake me up. When I walked down stairs my mom would greet me with her usual, "Good morning, little lizard." I would go into describing the "little lizard" thing, but I'd rather not. My dad would be watching his daily dose of the morning news and my brother would be squeezed into the most awkward little crevice he could find, which was usually the little pocket between my parents. I would then sit on the couch and curl into a ball, just to go to sleep again. Now that I think about it, I don't know why I would always do that. I guess the sound of my family's voices soothed me? Not sure. My moms cozy memory story sort of makes mine sound amateur though. She talked about living in Alaska when the days were dark for 24 hours. She would go inside from the frigid winds and warm up from the steam from the food my Grandma would cook. Beans and rice, probably, which is what us Creoles are famous for. The steam would make condensation on the windows and my mom would write all over them with her fingers. Great memory, right?

This kind of saddens me because this just a memory and doesn't happen anymore. Growing up is kind of a sad thought. Now my Saturdays are full with debate tournaments, fashion classes, and chores. I secretly envy little kids. Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore.

What is your cozy memory?

Friday, October 3, 2008


Remember these days? I sure do. When I was young, I could watch Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen's To Grandmother's House We Go a million times. Oh, those beaded bandanas and platform flip-flops. It seems like I have watched these twins grow up (even though they are 6 years older than I). Now look. They stalk around in sky-high stilettos and peer over avant-garde sunglasses. I admire them for it.

I could, and maybe should, have put up so many more pictures but that would have taken hours. They way they put together clothing to look so thrown together and expensive-sloppy is so lovely. Even though it seems as if they are still trying to hold on to the heroin chic look, I am officially declaring the Olsen twins as my fashion inspiration.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Love City Life

I woke up extremely excited this morning because today was the first day of my Fashion Marketing & Advertising Class at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City. My mom, brother, and I caught the NJ Transit up to the city, which got us there at 12:46. Of course we had to stop for food before I went to my class, which started at 1:30, because my brother needed to "pack some food in his sack for future digestion." Yeah, he had to come with us because my dad is in Puerto Rico on a business trip right now. Anyways, after some good 'ol Jamaican food, off to FIT we went. I was the second student to arrive in the class. I kind of liked this because that way I could see what everyone else was wearing as they walked in. In my class were 10 girls and a boy.

Most of the girls were from NY or New Jersey, one had a British accent and one had a Russian accent. I wish I had an accent, it would make me that much more interesting. The professor explained normal first day things then began to talk about what we came for. He explained how marketing is pretty much a mind game, luxurious brands will not be luxury forever, and how Apple is a miracle worker. And other things obviously, I love it, so interesting. Marketing connects with everything in the whole world really, sort of makes the world go round.

What I extremely enjoyed though, was the 30-minute break we were given (not to sound like a lazy bum or anything). I was so peaceful just sitting there with my new fashionable friends on the damp little stoop. Just watching the city people pass. I cannot wait until next Saturday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lists of Seven

Ways to Achieve Happiness and Success:

1. Be yourself and do not worry what others will think.
2. Slacking will only hurt you in the long run.
3. Make time for relaxing.
4. Reflect on what you have achieved and where you are going with your life.
5. One word. Karma.
6. Find what truly makes you happy and not someone else.
7. Negativity is a waste of time and energy.

Fashion Tips:

1. Matchy-matchy is tacky-tacky.
2. It is always better to be overdressed than under.
3. Make a good mascara your new best friend.
4. Fake tans are more obvious than you might think.
5. When all else fails, go with a simple chignon.
6. Keep cleavage to a minimum.
7. Well kept nails (painted or not) are a must.

Must Haves:

1. A simple white or black shirt.
2. Flat knee-high boots.
3. Thickening mascara.
4. Opaque black tights.
5. Dark wash skinny jeans.
6. At least one ruffly shirt.
7. Colorful scarves for simple outfits.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here Goes Nothing

I know this has nothing to do with fashion or art, or anything of that premise. But I just have to share this.

Yesterday, I went to Six Flags Great Adventure along with my family and my brother's friends to celebrate his 13th birthday. As I am a thrill junkie, I was quite excited to know that the Six Flags in New Jersey was home to the fastest, tallest roller coaster in the world. The Kingda Ka. Us kids had come up with the perfect plan to how we would execute the riding of this coaster. We decided we would ride it as a finale. If you have been to an amusement park, you know that as you walk around there is always this one coaster that you can see everywhere you go. The Kindga Ka was that coaster.

It seemed like it touched the clouds. From 0 to 128 mph in only 3.5 seconds, pulling 1.67 G's. 456 feet of pure exhilaration. Before I knew it, I was being strapped into the seat, bouncing up and down with pure terror. This, might I add, was a completely new sensation for me because not many things make me scared. Not to sound like I'm Hercules or anything. Woosh! My face was like in one of those movies where the people's cheeks fly back exposing their gums. The pressure so intense, it forced my eyes shut. Going up the side of the huge hill felt like I was being shot into space with a super cannon. Once the cart got to the crest, I peeked my eyes open and I could see the whole world (a tad exaggerated). Then, too soon after, I was plunging down the side, which was crazier than a celebrity baby name. I would post the candid picture of me flying up the side, but I am not that brave.

Now I can say I have ridden the fastest, tallest roller coaster in the world. If there is ever a new one, just tell me how to get there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do Something Productive, Please.

I guess you know when your blog is getting good, because it seems like just when it gets somewhat known, that one person comes. That one person who just leaves you mean comments to put you down because they actually feel self-conscious about themselves. So, this message is for that one person.

I always reject your rude comments, so you are fighting a battle you will never win. What you say doesn't phase me one bit. Haven't you ever been told if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Simple Life

When I see people like this, I am so envious. I always imagine their lives are simple and easy and go along the lines of this. Wake up around 7:30, What's for breakfast today? they think, throw on their signature outfit, get up and go to the morning market to smell the fresh fruit and vegetables along with the hustle and bustle of the other early risers, meet their other simple lived friends at the corner cafe. Get the picture? If only I lived in a place where this ideal life was possible.

(I am truly sorry for putting this picture of Miley Cyrus up. I just liked the bike.)