Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Inspiration

Anthony Bourdain is my first and last love. Anyone who can bash on Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay without being the number one story on E! is my hero, no doubt. I can't get over the way this picture epitomizes his very existence. Gourmet food, yet still keeping his rough-around-the-edges, painfully-blunt self clearly visible. If you do not watch Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, you need to look it up pronto. On the show, he goes all over the world and experiences the people's traditional lifestyle. But what just puts the cherry on top for me is that he says the things that you are too afraid to say. I can remember last week, I saw an episode where he was interviewing people to be his personal guide during his adventures and he came across a woman who wanted to show him, and all of the people in the world with cable for that matter, her own country of Saudi Arabia. He simply said, "Why should I go to Saudi Arabia? It doesn't seem like a rollicking good time." His face was without the slightest bit of kidding.
As a thank you to those who are taking the time to read my posts, I will let you know a wee secret of mine... I have a list posted on my metal bed hung up with magnets titled My Goals in Life (I never share it to people by the way). Number one reads 1. Meet Anthony Bourdain and be the next "him".

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