Sunday, August 3, 2008

Arriving in Costa Rica

Hello readers. I am with my family on vacation right now in Costa Rica. Gosh, it's lovely here. The people are so friendly and the landscape is marvelous. When my family and I arrived in San Jose, our driver met us and we prepared for a two hour ride throught the windy mountain roads to our resort. So, the first thing I noticed was that the roads do not compare to the roads we have back in the U.S. They are narrow and bumpy, but this didn't bother me a bit. Matter of fact, I liked it because it made me feel a tad bit like my idol, Anthony Bourdain. The first little town we rode through was so cute. The buildings and houses were low and colorful and they all had gates out front. Many people were walking from place to place and a couple of them weren't wearing shoes. Collarless dogs roamed the streets and cows and horses grazed in the little land they had. As it turned out, every little town from here on was exactly the same as the last. But I never got bored. It seemed like we drove around, up, and down every mountain in Costa Rica. The steepness of the moutains and the guardless roads combined with the spuratic driving of our stick-shifted car made for a very nervous me. After what seemed like 24 hours, we arrived at our resort which turned out to be way worth the tough and rough journey here.

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