Friday, August 8, 2008

El Pueblo de Jaco

Jaco is a cute little surf town on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Most of the people here are college-aged and come just for the surfing season. The streets are jam-packed with cars and people on bicycles and you are constantly smelling delicious rice and beans. Dogs roam the streets in packs of four or five and people seem not to even notice them. The muscular, bare-chested, Spanish-speaking teens who hold surfboards with the tops of their buttcracks showing are just as plentiful as the women selling pottery, which is quite a few, might I add. Today, I went to quaint little clothing boutiques, and most of them were very my style. Which I would decribe as... New Yorker hippie goes to Paris and dines with Caeser of the Romans? I bought these really cool shoes at a store called Guacamole. My first day in Jaco, my family and I ate dinner at a Soda, which is a restaurant that doesn't have its liquor liscense. I had beans and rice and beef and some carrot salad- it was delicious. I even ordered the whole thing in Spanish! No matter how full I was, I couldn't stop eating. Yeah, that's not too healty is it? Well, I feel I have already bored you with my non-stop typing. So, here are the pictures.

There were stores like this around every corner. Most of them had the same things-clothing, bowls, and little tourist trinkets.

Since Jaco is a surf town, it is only natural that surfboards were everywhere.

I am still trying to figure out what it says on the sign of this car. "Mientra el ice come rico, el pueblo se muere de hambre. Digamosle no al abuso." Do you know what it means?

This is my favorite store ever, even better than Heritage 1981. It is called Guacamole.

Yum. This was actually my mom's dish. I would have posted what my food looked like, but by the time we got the camera out, I was already digging in.

This was an "escuela primera." An elementary school. With my amazing spanish skills, I explained how my mom wanted to go to a local school for her pictures.

That's Jaco!

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