Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Humans Should Take Advice From the Animal World

Literally 6 seconds ago, I hopped into bed next to my dad as he was watching a show on Animal Planet. The show was about the life cycle of penguins. The segment I happened to see was of a little baby penguin being pried and proded away from its mother by other jealous mothers who , I am guessing, lost their own babies. I felt sorry for the poor baby because after about 5 mintues of its feathers being pulled out of its skin because it was most wanted, it was kicked to the curb and left out in the cold due to its not being able to choose what to do. The narrator even went to say that sometimes the baby penguins were killed in this frenzy. Now this, I think, very well relates to humans. Don't you? In the sense that if you are constantly being pulled in different directions (wether, it is school, politics, or religion) you will be hurt...badly. But, if you don't choose a way, you will have nothing and be worse off than you started.

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