Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Love City Life

I woke up extremely excited this morning because today was the first day of my Fashion Marketing & Advertising Class at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City. My mom, brother, and I caught the NJ Transit up to the city, which got us there at 12:46. Of course we had to stop for food before I went to my class, which started at 1:30, because my brother needed to "pack some food in his sack for future digestion." Yeah, he had to come with us because my dad is in Puerto Rico on a business trip right now. Anyways, after some good 'ol Jamaican food, off to FIT we went. I was the second student to arrive in the class. I kind of liked this because that way I could see what everyone else was wearing as they walked in. In my class were 10 girls and a boy.

Most of the girls were from NY or New Jersey, one had a British accent and one had a Russian accent. I wish I had an accent, it would make me that much more interesting. The professor explained normal first day things then began to talk about what we came for. He explained how marketing is pretty much a mind game, luxurious brands will not be luxury forever, and how Apple is a miracle worker. And other things obviously, I love it, so interesting. Marketing connects with everything in the whole world really, sort of makes the world go round.

What I extremely enjoyed though, was the 30-minute break we were given (not to sound like a lazy bum or anything). I was so peaceful just sitting there with my new fashionable friends on the damp little stoop. Just watching the city people pass. I cannot wait until next Saturday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lists of Seven

Ways to Achieve Happiness and Success:

1. Be yourself and do not worry what others will think.
2. Slacking will only hurt you in the long run.
3. Make time for relaxing.
4. Reflect on what you have achieved and where you are going with your life.
5. One word. Karma.
6. Find what truly makes you happy and not someone else.
7. Negativity is a waste of time and energy.

Fashion Tips:

1. Matchy-matchy is tacky-tacky.
2. It is always better to be overdressed than under.
3. Make a good mascara your new best friend.
4. Fake tans are more obvious than you might think.
5. When all else fails, go with a simple chignon.
6. Keep cleavage to a minimum.
7. Well kept nails (painted or not) are a must.

Must Haves:

1. A simple white or black shirt.
2. Flat knee-high boots.
3. Thickening mascara.
4. Opaque black tights.
5. Dark wash skinny jeans.
6. At least one ruffly shirt.
7. Colorful scarves for simple outfits.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here Goes Nothing

I know this has nothing to do with fashion or art, or anything of that premise. But I just have to share this.

Yesterday, I went to Six Flags Great Adventure along with my family and my brother's friends to celebrate his 13th birthday. As I am a thrill junkie, I was quite excited to know that the Six Flags in New Jersey was home to the fastest, tallest roller coaster in the world. The Kingda Ka. Us kids had come up with the perfect plan to how we would execute the riding of this coaster. We decided we would ride it as a finale. If you have been to an amusement park, you know that as you walk around there is always this one coaster that you can see everywhere you go. The Kindga Ka was that coaster.

It seemed like it touched the clouds. From 0 to 128 mph in only 3.5 seconds, pulling 1.67 G's. 456 feet of pure exhilaration. Before I knew it, I was being strapped into the seat, bouncing up and down with pure terror. This, might I add, was a completely new sensation for me because not many things make me scared. Not to sound like I'm Hercules or anything. Woosh! My face was like in one of those movies where the people's cheeks fly back exposing their gums. The pressure so intense, it forced my eyes shut. Going up the side of the huge hill felt like I was being shot into space with a super cannon. Once the cart got to the crest, I peeked my eyes open and I could see the whole world (a tad exaggerated). Then, too soon after, I was plunging down the side, which was crazier than a celebrity baby name. I would post the candid picture of me flying up the side, but I am not that brave.

Now I can say I have ridden the fastest, tallest roller coaster in the world. If there is ever a new one, just tell me how to get there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do Something Productive, Please.

I guess you know when your blog is getting good, because it seems like just when it gets somewhat known, that one person comes. That one person who just leaves you mean comments to put you down because they actually feel self-conscious about themselves. So, this message is for that one person.

I always reject your rude comments, so you are fighting a battle you will never win. What you say doesn't phase me one bit. Haven't you ever been told if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Simple Life

When I see people like this, I am so envious. I always imagine their lives are simple and easy and go along the lines of this. Wake up around 7:30, What's for breakfast today? they think, throw on their signature outfit, get up and go to the morning market to smell the fresh fruit and vegetables along with the hustle and bustle of the other early risers, meet their other simple lived friends at the corner cafe. Get the picture? If only I lived in a place where this ideal life was possible.

(I am truly sorry for putting this picture of Miley Cyrus up. I just liked the bike.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

How Sketchy

I have been noticing more and more people sketching and creating art in moleskine journals. Here are just some of the best ones I have come across (thanks to flickr).

This one is by HeidiBurton. I thinks it's cool how she cuts a hole in the cover and makes it part of her design. She even has a website where you can buy her drawings, journals, and other unique arts.

This sketch is by steev-o. As I was browsing his flickr profile, I sort of started to understand his style of bright colors and with paint. I choose to show you this one because it was so unlike his others.

This was created by doodle and design. Most of their art was made of magazine clippings and tape, as is this one.

Seeing all this art makes me sincerely wish I could draw, sketch, paint...something.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Small Alteration

You might not have noticed, but I changed my "Picture of the Day" section to say "Picture of the Moment". I didn't have a chance to update the picture everyday due to my somewhat of a hectic schedule, that is why I made a little change in the wording. This way, I won't have to update the picture everyday and I can pretty much change it whenever I feel is necessary. When the moment is right.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Yorking for a Day

I've read over my old blogs and realized that I begin my posts with "So," too often. Therefore, I will start by saying... Once upon a time.

Once upon a time, I went to New York. My mom bought tickets for her and I to see the Ann Spoyer and Prince Williams 3rd fashion shows during Couture Fashion Week. We decided it would be fun to make a day trip out of it. We caught the 10:06 train from Hamilton, NJ to Penn Station (which was an hour and twenty minute ride) in center of the city. We had about two hours before the show actually started once we arrived, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone. You see, I signed up for the fall fashion marketing classes at FIT and I had to get my student ID card. As we were walking the two blocks it took to get to the building we I would get my ID, I saw a few interesting things.

We found the FIT museum where there was a little exhibit going on showing fashions from all the decades beginning from the 1800s. You're lucky I am showing you this picture because right after I shot it I got yelled at by a security guard for taking pictures.

I liked this.

How's about some scenery for ya'?

I came across many of these garbage-art walls. We had got to Building D. I expected the halls of FIT to be a little more decorative because it is a fashion and designing school. But, it just looked like every other college in the country.

After I got my ID card, I wanted to go to Mood to find fabric for a pattern that I wanted to sew. I was so caught up with all the amazing fabrics, that I forgot to take pictures for you all. No worries, when I have my garments completed I will post them up here. By this time, the doors of the fashion show were opening, so be walked on over to the hotel it where was held. After stopping for some Jamaican food, that is. Here are some pictures from the show.

This picture right above me is of Ann Spoyer herself and her daughter. Honestly, I did not love her collection. Probably because I am not a huge fan of gold embellishment. Don't get me wrong or anything, a couple of her pieces were pretty. I wouldn't consider anything ground breaking or unique though. I hate to admit it, but I was more inspired by the fashionable people in the audience than by her clothes. After the Ann Spoyer collection, Prince Williams 3rd showed his.

This is the designer Prince William the 3rd. When he came out, everyone whooped and hollered. It was sort of funny. His collection was quirky and different and his models were definitely not the norm. His style is overtly preppy with a twist and he might have had an obsession with plaid. To me, it seemed like the audience was more captivated with his collection than Ann Spoyer's. I was even lucky enough to get a picture with him.

This just about concludes my story. Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Shoulder Hurts...

Due to the large amount of homework I have been given recently (even though this is the first week of school), I won't be able to spend hours at a time browsing the web and writing new posts for you all. Even this ridiculous homework is taking a toll on my body. My shoulder has been sore due to my too heavy bag. And this odd position I am sitting in right now isn't exactly helping. However, I am still logging on daily to look at my favorite blogs. So keep writing well bloggers. Well actually, there is one good thing about starting school again. I get to walk around with this bag I bought from Urban Outfitters for my various books and things.

Heck, since I have a little bit of time right now, I'll show you a couple other things I bought from Urban Outfitters for my back-to-school wear.