Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Love City Life

I woke up extremely excited this morning because today was the first day of my Fashion Marketing & Advertising Class at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City. My mom, brother, and I caught the NJ Transit up to the city, which got us there at 12:46. Of course we had to stop for food before I went to my class, which started at 1:30, because my brother needed to "pack some food in his sack for future digestion." Yeah, he had to come with us because my dad is in Puerto Rico on a business trip right now. Anyways, after some good 'ol Jamaican food, off to FIT we went. I was the second student to arrive in the class. I kind of liked this because that way I could see what everyone else was wearing as they walked in. In my class were 10 girls and a boy.

Most of the girls were from NY or New Jersey, one had a British accent and one had a Russian accent. I wish I had an accent, it would make me that much more interesting. The professor explained normal first day things then began to talk about what we came for. He explained how marketing is pretty much a mind game, luxurious brands will not be luxury forever, and how Apple is a miracle worker. And other things obviously, I love it, so interesting. Marketing connects with everything in the whole world really, sort of makes the world go round.

What I extremely enjoyed though, was the 30-minute break we were given (not to sound like a lazy bum or anything). I was so peaceful just sitting there with my new fashionable friends on the damp little stoop. Just watching the city people pass. I cannot wait until next Saturday.

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