Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Shoulder Hurts...

Due to the large amount of homework I have been given recently (even though this is the first week of school), I won't be able to spend hours at a time browsing the web and writing new posts for you all. Even this ridiculous homework is taking a toll on my body. My shoulder has been sore due to my too heavy bag. And this odd position I am sitting in right now isn't exactly helping. However, I am still logging on daily to look at my favorite blogs. So keep writing well bloggers. Well actually, there is one good thing about starting school again. I get to walk around with this bag I bought from Urban Outfitters for my various books and things.

Heck, since I have a little bit of time right now, I'll show you a couple other things I bought from Urban Outfitters for my back-to-school wear.

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