Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Little Substance is All I'm Asking

I am sure you have heard of this new tv show, Paris Hilton's My New Bff. Yes, people have really stooped this low. If you need a television show to find a friend, you, my friend, have a problem. This is disgusting. I refuse to watch it. I heard from a somewhat hip substitute the other day, that on the first episode, the contestants were given make-overs. How grossly shallow. I did a little research and of course most of them were given platinum blonde Pamela Anderson hair. They even have competitions like "How Long and Hard Can You Party?" and play polo while using bare-chested, herpes-ridden-looking men as horses.

The Apprentice used to be my show... until the Trump man decided to move it to Los Angeles. WAY TO KILL EVERYTHING. "How about the losing team has to sleep outside in tents!?" is what I am guessing Donald Trump said to his posse because this is what happens now instead of them just staying in the apartment like they did during the other seasons. How lame. I thought Donald was supposed to be the epitomy of a buisness man? Obviously not.

I can't even begin to explain how much this disgusts me-- I Love Money. Just shoot me already.

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