Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beanie: Style Shop @ FIT

I know everyone has been doing these lately, now so am I. I was tagged by the ever-so-fashionable Chessie from L'Idealista, Il Protettore. Here goes nothing...or everything.

Four Things I Did Today:
1. Went to a debate tournament (and won 2-1!)
2. Shared/heard some gooey-gooey gossip
3. Watched finale of America's Next Top Model
4. Ate some Coco Puffs

Four Things On My To-do List:
1. Start working on graduation project to get it over with
2. Sew with the fabric from Mood
3. Eat a churro
4. Eat another churro

Four Guilty Pleasures:
1. Eating a mini-carton of Haagen-Dazs ice cream in one night
2. Zoning out while playing Guitar Hero
3. Playing with that sticky stuff that comes on the back of letters in the mail
4. Eating chicken stir-fry, aka the best cafeteria food. Ever.

Random Facts About Me:
1. My pinky nails are always longer than the other nails
2. I chew my pen caps
3. I never leave on the tab on a soda can
4. I have been told I wear too much gray.
I know I am supposed to tag someone now, but I can't choose anyone who hasn't already done it. Therefore, anyone who wants to do this can!

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