Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just one of those moments

I have been sitting in the same spot here on this love seat listening to lame Cartoon Network shows for about... 4 hours now? No, probably 5. I don't even know why. I went to a little "get together" thing with my friends and family earlier today and told myself that later in the day I would do something cool. So much for that grand plan. Typing this is also making my hangnail hurt. I should probably clip it off now. Speaking of pains, I have some hunger ones. Knowing me, I will just soothe them with butter pecan ice cream instead of a healthy snack like I have been taught by health teachers for 4 years now. Why am I still typing this? It is 12:21 pm and I have more productive things to be doing- right? I don't know. I should go.

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