Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Dirty South

Happy holidays, all!

Since Tuesday (or Wednesday, actually, because the drive down took two days), I have been in Savannah, Georgia at my grands' house. Might I add, the neighborhood they live in is not fun. Let me explain it to you. It's the kind of neighborhood that used to be "the place to live" about 30 years ago or so. Now, it is not all that hot. The grass is dead and brown, the people are old, and there are congregations of homeless people seemingly every two blocks. However, about 5 minutes from here, which doesn't seem like much but is enough for a huge scene change, is the downtown city area of Savannah. It is quite pretty there. The Spanish moss covers almost every street and the parks all have fountains and benches. All of the buildings have this old style to them that I cannot put my finger on. Victorian? Possibly. There are many little shops and stores there that you really wouldn't find anywhere else. For example, today I went to a honey bar complete with little white spoons for honey tasting, a European knock-off perfume shop, and a handmade fudge store. I really wish I had bought that chocolate-almond fudge I saw, I don't know why I did not get any. Maybe I will get some tomorrow. Oh gosh, and the food here is terrific. Nothing beats a gut-filling meal served by a waitress with a strong southern accent. Anyways, it has been a steady 70 degrees here, which is so much better than the 15 degrees back home. But it was a little strange to me when my family and I were complaining about how hot it was and fanning ourselves on Christmas Day.

Well, I must go now. But before I go, I should tell you that I have been taking a lot of pictures with my new camera and will post some pictures when I get back home on Tuesday. Adieu.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Black Leather Jacket: Urban Outfitters Gray Shirt: Loehmann's Denim Cut-offs: Hollister jeans that I cut/ bleached/altered Tights: Loehmann's Black Boots: Famous Footwear Necklace: FIT Style Shop Ring: Flea market

As you can see, I got that leather jacket I wanted! Thanks Mommy. I also have more exciting news-- I am on Lookbook now! I only have the two outfit posts I posted on here, but more are soon to come.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Give me some rock-and-roll

I have been totally obsessed with everything black and leather lately. I mean an item of leather in an outfit just adds some needed edge.

I especially love pairing leather with something really feminine like a floral print or light airy colors. I know everyone in the blogosphere has a pair of leather leggings right now, and now I need some.

I need these shoes so badly. I feel like if I wore them, I would the epitome of an effortlessly- fashionable girl.

All: Urban Outftters

This bag is amazing. I love how it is woven. It reminds me of some type of Native American bag, just made of leather.

If only I had my job back working at the dog kennel, then could I have the money to buy all of these things. Too bad it was only during the summer. Thankfully, Christmas is soon; I'm sure I'll get a good sum of money then.

Happy blogging all.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have very been busy lately with all the clubs I am in, traveling, and such. Since, it's nearly holiday time, everything is just so hectic for me. No need to fret, I'll be back in no time.
By the way, the picture above is my favorite by Salvador Dali, so you most likely will be seeing it again.